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Product For Pipe Size MSDS* TDS**
WCS - CPVC 3-in-1 spray Up to 1 1/4" WCS-MSDS WCS-TDS
WC4 - CPVC Medium Yellow Up to 4" WC4-MSDS WC4-TDS
WC6 - CPVC Medium Orange Up to 6" WC6-MSDS WC6-TDS
WC12-CPVC HD Gray Industrial Up to 12" WC12-MSDS WC12-TDS
WU4 - UPVC Medium Clear Up to 4" WU4-MSDS WU4-TDS
WU6 - UPVC Heavy Duty Clear Up to 6" WU6-MSDS WU6-TDS
WU12 - UPVC Extra HD Clear Up to 12" WU12-MSDS WU12-TDS
WU24 - UPVC Gray Industrial Up to 24" WU24-MSDS WU24-TDS
WPC - PVC Regular Clear Up to 6" WPC-MSDS WPC-TDS
WPH - High Pressure Up to 12" WPH-MSDS WPH-TDS
WA6 - ABS Milky White Up to 6" WA6-MSDS WA6-TDS
WPP / WCL - Clear / Purple - WPP / WCL-MSDS WPP / WCL-TDS

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