Maintenance and Automobile

(equivalent to WD40*)
Lubricates: Sticky Drawers & Rusty Locks, Shovel & Metal slides, Guitar strings & Squeaky hinges, Stuck Zippers or Stuck Glassware.

Cleans: Stains from stainless steel, Toilets, Grill and Bumper of Auto Mobiles, Tools & Sports Equipment, License plate Gooey label residue from glass jars, Strong glue from just about anything, Scuff marks from hard tile floors, Tea stains from a kitchen counter, Anything from a Glass Surface, Crayon from walls & wallpaper, Oil Spots From Concrete Driveways, Stains From Clothes and Carpets and Road tar.

Other Uses: De-greasing barbecue grills, Dissolving chewing gum, Extends the Life of Shower Heads, Filters Dust When Sprayed on Air Conditioning Filter, Keep wooden gardening-tool handles free of splinters, Moistening leather or wood, Polishing chrome, Prevents Rust, Protecting a bird feeder, Protecting bike chains.

Available in : 55ml,100ml, 220ml,425ml and 5 liter packs.

* WD40 is a trademark of WD40 Corp, USA & Pidilite Industries Ltd, India 
Chain Lubricant

For motorcycle & other chains.

Available Sizes: 120ml and 400ml

Wood Polish
  • Open the can and apply by a brush or cloth. No dilution, mixing, or priming.
  • Clear finish
  • The finish of your wooden products will be enhanced and will get a mild sheen.
  • Advanced Modified Polyurethane Formulation provides excellent waterproofing & protection against fungus and mold.
  • Cleaning these surfaces becomes much easier.

Available Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter & 5 liter

Wood Cleaner
  • Cleans wooden surfaces thoroughly by cutting through all kinds of dirt, oil, and grease stains revealing clean and shiny surfaces.
  • Perfect for use on wooden tables and chairs, wardrobes, showcases, teapoy tables, beds, any other kinds of wooden surfaces.

Available Sizes: 225ml & 1 liter

Total Rust Solution

Clean – Convert – Protect

Tap and Metal Cleaner

Weldrite Tap and Metal Cleaner make your taps and metal surfaces as good as new.

  • Advanced formula to reclaim lost shine
  • The expert in removing soap scum, lime scale stains & dirt
  • Works wonders on faucets, showers, chrome, and other metal fixtures.

Available in: 10ml, 125ml, 250ml & 500ml

Rust Converter
  • Just apply the rust converter on the rusted surface by spray or wipe with a cloth soaked in the Rust converter.
  • It will turn black within 15-30 minutes.
  • Wait for a few hours and then wash with water.

NOTE: Wash with water within 10-12 hours of application. Do not delay further.

Rust Protector

Our advanced Rust Protector is an easy-to-use coating that provides protection against rust and fungus & excellent waterproofing.

The finish of your Iron & Metal products will stay as is and will get a mild sheen.


  • After washing the metal surface (once it turns black after conversion) let it dry.
  • Once completely dry, apply Rust Protector straight from the can by a brush.
  • Wait for 15-30 minutes and then apply the second coat, ideally crosswise to the first coat.


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